we have an eye
for design

Why us?

We are a leading advertising agency in Radom. We create effective ads. We specialize in creating graphic designs of widely understood advertisements. Our clients are companies from Radom and from all over the Poland.

What we do?

Graphic design

visual identification

Image is important and effective form of presenting the brand values. We design coherent and legible visual identification systems, complex and less complex, which will help to stand out among the competition on the market.

Printing and DTP

large format prints

Image is important and effective form of presenting the values of the brand. There is nothing more beautiful for us than perfect print and its quality. We offer the latest solutions in the field of large format and offset printing.

3D letters

illuminated letters and light boxes

We have been producing various types of light letters for many years. Our production is based on individual customer projects, we specialize in the production of advertising panels, large-format illuminated surfaces and free-standing pylons.

Product Photography

360° pictures

We have the opportunity to offer you full product visualization, interactive 360-degree photos that will provide potential customers the accurate information about the product. A potential customer in their buying decisions is mostly guided by the product photo.

Sample price list

Business cards

Set of 100 business cards - inkjet printing on business card paper
the price starts from

50,00 zł

External banners

Banner printed with the solvent print - 250 x 80 cm
the price starts from

250,00 zł

Advertising signs

Advertising signs with a modern UV print - 250 x 80 cm
the price starts from

180,00 zł

Light boxes

Light boxes from self-adhesive foil 150 x 50 cm
the price starts from

1200,00 zł

3D letters

Spatial letters - with plexiglass front

3D lighting letters

Most of our production is based on individual customer projects

Graphics on vehicles

Vehicle wrapping with print designs

Presented price offer is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Article 66 paragraph 1 of the Civil Code.

Individual project

We produce graphic designs tailored to individual needs.

Our customers

What customers say

„Thank you for your commitment, professionalism and excellent cooperation based on the highest quality.“